BOREAL, 8″ x 5″ closed, 8″ x 126″ opened. 2012, Edition 5. Poem by Andrew Joron

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The Poem Boreal is from The Removes published 1999, House of Outside Series, Hard Press Editions.

Andrew Joron lives in Berkeley, California. His books include: The Cry at Zero- 2007, Sound Mirror -2008, Trance Archive -2010, Towards the Primeval Lightning Field-1998, Fathom- 2003, Force Fields -1987, Science Fiction -1992, Miracle of Measure Ascendant; a festschrift for Gustaf Sobin-2005, Terminal Velocities-1993, Collected Poems by Gustaf Sobin -2010.

He was raised in Germany, Massachusetts, and Montana, and attended the University of California at Berkeley, majoring in the history of science. He has translated the German philosopher Ernst Bloch’s Literary Essays, published by Stanford University Press.

“Joron offers poetry that is both cosmic and atomic, operating above and below the normative scale of human attention. As in chemical reactions, Joron’s sonic friction breaks the bonds between letters and anagrammatically reforms a new lyric. As readers, we find ourselves in a symbolic space of paradox and impossibility “ where / x relaxes relation. Where / x licks the elixir of night’s rhyme with light.”
-Flood Editions

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