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The Accordions

Trilogy Set of Accordion Books

These folding book-drawings use a panoramic horizon line as the setting to examine opposing principles: local and universal, specific and atmospheric, place and event, time and distance. Each volume references a kind of map, a visual narrative that can be read as text, scrolled through and flexibly recombined.

Ochre Scriptory examines a timeline of writing tools and systems used in the service of reading and communication. Blue History pictures a walk on the lay line leading to Santiago de Compestela, and is illustrated with observations and research notes on the embedded allegory of pilgrimage. Margin and Scree’s wordless narrative involves negative and positive references to printed information, where piles of trash evolve into a romance, switching allusions between private reflection and public consumption until, finally, books themselves bridge culture and nature.

The complete series of twelve volumes are individually housed in handmade removable silk covers and are printed and signed in editions of eight.  Each book expands to about 90 inches when fully opened and closes to 6 x 4”.

In consideration of the rare flexibility afforded by the accordion format, several works from this series have also been transformed into room-sized murals. This magnification shifts the experience of private contemplation to a shared walking tour – and, in so doing, echoes translation process from map key to actual footage.

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